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Here’s the products YOU brought into my life
February 15, 2013, 10:50 pm
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I’ve always loved reading a good glossy mag to find out what’s hot in the big wide beauty world, but everyone knows the quickest route to the crème de la crème of cosmetics is via the blogosphere.

Thanks to you lovely beauty bloggers, I have seen so many amazing products lately for Spring/Summer 2013. So, to acknowledge these great finds (and fab bloggers!), I have dedicated today’s post to the products YOU introduced me to in your blog posts. As this post could potentially go on forever, I have given myself the tremendously tricky task of picking just five must-have beauty essentials. Enjoy!

What’s the product? Daniel Sandler Dual Action Make-Up Remover
Who featured it? Sheenie Shaikh, Just Nice Things


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For years, I used face wipes to remove my make-up, but a few months ago I decided that enough was enough – I was spending so much money too often on a product that did nothing spectacular for my skin. So I decided to move on to a thinner liquid make-up remover and buy cotton wool pads to go along with it, and it has been so much better for my skin. That’s why I am excited about this perfect potential purchase – a dual make-up remover from the highly-acclaimed Daniel Sandler. What’s not to love?

The 120ml bottle costs £15.

Read Sheenie’s full product review here.

What’s the product? Bumble and Bumble Deep Conditioner
Who featured it? Adrienne, The Sunday Girl


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I’m always sceptical when it comes to deep conditioners – in the past I have been a sucker for marketing hype and haven’t seen a return on the majority of my hair care investments. However, because Adrienne has thick hair like me, I really trust that this product could be one to beat.

Plus, I have heard amazing things about Bumble and Bumble, but am ashamed to admit I have never tried anything! So I think you’ll find that’s at least two good reasons why I need this product in my life.

The full-size bottle (150ml) costs £21.50, but there’s a smaller version (50ml) for £9.50.

Read The Sunday Girl’s full review here.

What’s the product? KIKO Glamorous Eye Pencil
Who featured it? Grace, All that Slap


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Not only do I love a high-quality, pigmented eye pencil, but also I adore midnight blue. That’s why I completely fell in love with Kiko Cosmetics’ Glamorous Eye Pencils when I saw them on Grace’s blog last week. Retailing at only £4.90 each, these pencils are a really beautiful bargain.

Read Grace’s full review here.

What’s the product? Maybelline Baby Lips
Who featured it? Jane, British Beauty Blogger


Picture credit:

Jane is always at the top of her game when it comes to what’s new and worth buying. One of the most exciting products I have seen on her blog lately is Maybelline Baby Lips. Originally from the US, Baby Lips is now going to be launched in the UK (much to many beauty bloggers’ delight). It’s available in several shades, has a sun protection factor of 20, and is said to provide 8 hours of moisture and rejuvenation.

See where I discovered this range here on Jane’s blog.

What’s the product? Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder
Who featured it? Amelia Liana, Liana Beauty


Picture credit:

If I had to pick one product that screams Spring/Summer, it would be this uber pretty Bobbi Brown brightening powder. Formulated with mulberry, grape and brightening plant extracts, the powder illuminates the skin while also maintaining a natural effect.

At £40, it is quite expensive, but the fact that it’s so special kind of justifies the cost.

You can check out Amelia’s full post here.

Do you have any of these products already? What do you think of them? xxx


Mini Superdrug Hair Haul
February 8, 2013, 11:43 pm
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Garnier Olia & Herbal Essences

I’ve got that friday feeling, and there’s nothing like a quick beauty shop after work to end the week nicely. As my hair is in need of a bit of TLC at the moment (no thanks to the freezing cold weather!), I swung by Superdrug and grabbed myself two of my beauty essentials – Herbal Essences’ Tousle Me Softly Soft Waves Intensive Mask (was £3.99, now £1.85 for 200ml) and Garnier Olia Hair Dye in Iced Chocolate 4.15 (was £6.99, now £5.99). If I am honest, I nearly went for the Deep Red shade, but my previous experiences of dying my hair red reminded me not to (red roots anyone?! I think not).

photo (13)

Top view


Front view

I usually go for the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Intensive Mask, which is amazing, but as I have naturally wavy hair I thought I would give this one a go. I have tried the Tousle Me Softly range before, so it’s not really a risky purchase.


Product information and ingredients

You can lather this on from root to tip. It is advised to leave it on for 5 minutes, but nobody stands around in the shower for that long these days. These conditioners always work their magic for me, so if you are in a rush then it will work just fine.

See the ingredients above too.


Smells amazing!

When I lifted the lid, I could instantly smell the product and it’s lovely. It has that classic Herbal Essences fruity fragrance and in terms of consistency it is a fairly thick and creamy formula. This is one of the things I love most about this product as I have thick hair and find it hard to get hold of a conditioner that absorbs well.

My second purchase was this amazing permanent hair colour from Garnier’s Olia range. For those of you who haven’t heard of Olia hair dyes, they are fab at-home colours made with 60% oils and no ammonia. I chose Iced Chocolate 4.15 simply because it is the closest to my hair colour.

As you can see, the main features of Olia hair colours are colour intensity, grey coverage, quality improvement and scalp comfort.


Looks good enough to eat!


From inside the box

Inside the box is the standard tools and formulations needed for at-home hair colouring. There’s the instructions for use, a pair of black gloves for protection, a developer cream, a colourant cream, the Olia jar and applicator, and a lovely multi-application conditioner.

Having used this dye before,  I would really recommend it. The product doesn’t dry out the hair as much as other products, which is a big plus for me.

What hair products have you bought lately?

Etsy: homemade beauty heaven
January 24, 2013, 2:47 pm
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I’ve always admired Etsy for its quirky jewellery ranges and gifts, but I have never taken the time to look at its beauty offerings – until now. As soon as I browsed the beauty section, the inevitable happened; I clicked favourite on almost everything I saw, including products that I would never usually consider (like blue and green lipsticks?!).

Quite frankly, the things I found were just too amazing to keep to myself, and so I couldn’t wait to do my next blog post and share them with you. So here’s my top 10 favourite products so far. Let me know if you make any impromptu purchases – I probably will (on pay day of course!).

1/Rose Wood Make-Up Brushes, £19.44, MICUSTOMCRAFTS


Little, large and lovely

I love a good make-up brush, so I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this gorgeous honduran rose wood pairing. They are a little pricy, but any good make-up brush will always be a bit more expensive than you would expect, and these two just ooze high quality and class.

Buy them here (includes shipping).

2/True Green Eyeshadow Natural Mineral Make-Up, £3.24, Lovemyskincosmetics


Beautiful jade green mineral eyeshadow

Hazel eyes love green eyeshadows, especially those that are jade in tone, so I know this colour would be great for me. I already have a MAC pencil eyeliner in this foresty shade, but it would be good to alternate with the eyeshadow and possibly add a thin line of black liquid eyeliner to make my lashes pop. Great price for a natural product.

Buy it here

3/Hair Chalk (Temporary Colour Pastels), £2.59, Sharee Boutique 


Great for a temporary style switch up!

I just love the rainbow tips hair trend that is around at the moment. Although I have brown hair, i think it makes blonde hair look fab and love the look, so I had to share it with you! If anyone know how these colours can look good on dark hair, I am all for a learning curve! Good price for a multi-use product and easy to wash out for those looking for a quick style fix! Buy it here.

4/Medusa Opaque Matte Lipstick, £4.53, Impulse Cosmetics


Temptress, here I come

The first thing that struck me with this product is the finish of the colour and how good the matte effect was. I also loved that it was called Medusa as I thought it could bring out the siren in everyone. Very good price and the shop owner claims it is creamy and moisturising, which it would definitely need to be to maintain a matte effect. I reckon it’s worth a try, or two! Buy it here.

5/Indigo Blue Liquid Eyeliner, £5.51, MilkFancy



I’ve never tried a gel eyeliner before but I love the idea of choosing different colours to suit my mood and having the freedom to be a bit more creative. Having dark hair and hazel eyes, I can get away with using strong colours on my eyes and lips (not at the same time though, obv), and so this shade of blue is totally perfect. Buy it here.

6/Make-Up Bag in Ecru and Black Natural Coloured Weave, £16, Olganna


Neutral and practical make-up bag

It took me a while to find this make-up bag as I had to skip through all the floral, black and bright-coloured ones, but then I came across this beautiful and practical everyday nude bag and I really love it. There are plenty of pockets for brushes and products and the price indicates it is made with quality fabrics. I definitely want this. Buy it here

7/Cinnamon Bun Sugar Scrub, £6.80, SunKidGifts


yum yum yum

Don’t worry, you did read that right – CINNAMON BUN BODY SCRUB. I can smell and taste it already. Looks like brown sugar – I want it bad! Buy it here

8/Mini Dragonfly Glitter Nail Polish, £1.90, HitPolish


Under the sea…

Completely love the mermaid look that is trending at the moment and using this nail polish is a quick way to join the party. Either lay a coat on top of a block colour or layer it for the ultimate deep blue sea experience. Fab price and worth a try. Buy it here

9/Coconut Cabana Whipped Sugar Scrub, £6.48, BungalowBathBody


I’m taking mine to the beach, pronto!

This is summer all over and would be perfect to take away on holiday. It looks like pina colada ice cream and I bet it smells fantastic. I love a good sugar scrub. Buy it here

10/Moroccan Red Clay Facial Beauty Mask, £11.66, The Soap Opera Soaps


Pure and simple spa-like goodness

There’s something about clay that will always woo beauty lovers. This product would be perfect for a home spa day and it packs an extra punch with the argan oil included. I’m really intrigued by this one – try it! Buy it here

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January sales: best beauty buys
January 19, 2013, 7:40 pm
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The first month of the year means one thing – killer beauty sales. As its 2013, I thought I would do a bit of digging online and source 13 of the best products currently on sale from a range of beauty stores. All links included.

I would love to know what you’ve found in the sales this year – why not leave me a comment below or tweet me at @shotofbeauty?

1/Guerlain Eye and Lip Calligraphie Palette, £27, Selfridges

Siren lips and shimmery eyes make this combo a definite steal

Siren lips and shimmery eyes make this combo a definite steal

2/Illamasqua ASOS Exclusive Nail Duo, £15, Asos

Candy nails here I come!

Candy nails here I come!

3/Baylis and Harding Mixed Fragrance 6 Piece Set, £3, Debenhams


Six bottles of bath and body heaven

4/Cath Kidston Buckingham Palace Mirror, £1.75, John Lewis

Cute, scenic mirror from CK

Cute, scenic mirror from CK

5/Raspberry Body Butter, £6.50, The Body Shop

In my dreams, this would taste as good as it smells

In my dreams, this would taste as good as it smells

6/Uplifting Grumpy Cow Duo Gift Set, £9.60, Cowshed

The ultimate uplifting duo

The ultimate uplifting duo

7/Babyliss Pro Nano Green Hair Dryer, £7.50, House of Fraser

Just admit it, you love the colour so much you don't care if it works!

Just admit it, you love the colour so much you don’t care if it works!

8/Cheek Duo in Up in Up In The Air by Louise Gray, £3, Topshop

Candy pink or peachy and dreamy - the choice is yours

Candy pink or peachy and dreamy – the choice is yours

9/Velvet Eyeshadow in Like What You Sea, £6.75, Benefit

Purchase today, be a mermaid tomorrow

Purchase today, be a mermaid tomorrow

10/Ted Baker Leather Quilted Bow Cosmetic Bag, £36.50, Asos

Plenty of room for all my matching lipsticks

Plenty of room for all my matching lipsticks

11/HydraQuench Cooling Cream-Gel, £23.45, Clarins

Give dry skin a coat of hydration to protect against extreme weather

Give dry skin a coat of hydration to protect against extreme weather

12/Sparkling Lemon Medium Jar Candle, £10.19, Yankee Candle

Lemony fresh morning scent

Lemony fresh morning scent

13/Geranium & Orange Body Scrub, £17.50, Neal’s Yard

Dry, dull skin has met its match

Dry, dull skin has met its match